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Robert Howe photo Robert Howe: Robert possesses a unique blend of technical and strategic management skills which can be likened to the proficiency of eminent personalities such as Alex Polizzi (The Hotel Inspector), Gordon Ramsay, Sir Alan Sugar, Mary Portas (Mary Queen of Shops), and the late Sir John Harvey-Jones.

In the realm of Enterprise Service Management (ESM), Robert has demonstrated a keen ability to dissect underperforming services. Like Alex Polizzi's methodical approach to improving the performance of hotels, Robert pinpoints the root causes of inefficiencies, considering the unique constraints and needs of the organisation. He not only applies industry best practices but adapts them to align with the specific circumstances at hand, much like Polizzi's empathetic, bespoke approach.

An embodiment of Gordon Ramsay's relentless pursuit of quality, Robert ensures optimal execution of services. His intolerance for subpar output aligns with Ramsay's unwavering commitment to culinary excellence. Robert strives for continuous improvement and operational alignment with business needs, mirroring Ramsay's dedication to kitchen efficiency and top-notch dining experiences.

Robert's strategic acumen recalls that of Sir Alan Sugar. Just as Sugar skilfully balances risk and reward when making savvy investments on 'The Apprentice', Robert too carefully assesses service risks in his ESM role. His ability to guarantee the highest possible return on investment is testament to his expertise in developing effective service strategies. When necessary, he has used Sugar's infamous punchline: "You're Fired!"

Like Mary Portas, Robert appreciates the crucial role of customer orientation in business. His focus on designing user-centric services that not only fulfil business needs but also enhance the customer experience aligns with Portas's ethos of putting the customer at the heart of the business.

In a similar vein to Sir John Harvey-Jones, Robert's strategic and analytical problem-solving skills shine in his approach to ESM. Harvey-Jones's emphasis on operational efficiency and strategic changes are mirrored in Robert's application of service strategy and design, resulting in a holistic, efficient approach to company governance.

Robert's proficiency can be compared to the mastery demonstrated by Polizzi, Ramsay, Sugar, Portas, and Harvey-Jones in their respective fields. Despite the seemingly disparate nature of these businesses, Robert embodies their shared core principles. He has successfully harnessed these principles to deliver services that not only meet but surpass business objectives and customer needs.

Our business model: while we are happy to accept work on an hourly or daily rate basis, our preferred remuneration is payment by results.

The monetary value to your company is determined ahead of time, clear goals and milestones are established, and payment for results is agreed.
Example: One-Off Project:
For six months, the client had been struggling to raise a Critical Success Factor (CSF) over a threshold level. The client valued success as having a £60,000 annual recurring revenue (ARR). To prove that one month was not a fluke, they needed three consecutive months at or above target.

We settled on a 15% charge (£9,000) payable in three equal monthly instalments. The goal was met in the first month, and it was then maintained for more than three years.

B.Sc. and M.Phil. degrees in chemistry from the University of Sussex, England.

Qualified Teacher status in England.

Charted Chemist: 1990-1999.

Qualified ITIL® Expert V3 in IT Service Management (ITSM).

ITIL Expert is a high-level certification in the ITIL framework. It requires a candidate to have the ITIL Foundation qualification plus additional intermediate-level modules before taking the expert level exam. This tests both a candidate's knowledge and understanding of the ITIL framework.

The Service Desk Institute: past Professional Member.

The Federation of Small Businesses: Full Member.

Darktrace: Certified Partner.

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