Enterprise Service Management

nuts and bolts Service Management explores how value is added and protected:
While modern Service Management theory has its roots in information technology as ITSM, the skills are transferable to the whole enterprise. It is also applicable to solo and micro businesses: the supplier in the example below is a low-tech manual service that has been around for more than seven millennia.
The hardest part of being a Service Management Analyst is convincing people that an outsider can add value to a business that they are not expert in, and perhaps have no experience of. On the contrary, the ignorance can be a crucial factor, in asking 'daft' questions that challenge assumptions.

Working with a brick-and-clicks retailer in a niche market, an approach that they could exploit was identified. Information they considered to be of merely 'passing interest' to their customers, was being included in the description on most of their web pages. The recommendation was to emphasise that information. They implemented the recommended changes to the web site and advertising, resulting in an immediate boost of 40% in the value of their online sales..

Our business model is based on:
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