Continuous Service Improvement

Deeming cycle: Plan, Do, Study, Act

Continuous service improvement (CSI) should be a high priority for any organisation that wants to just maintain their market share, let alone increase it. When competitors are improving their services, any organisations not doing the same are probably going to lose customers. When new rivals enter a market, their primary objective is to take a share of that market away from you.
One market saw a 40% churn rate in 2021. (Source: Chargebee (Opens a new window)).

While each industry has unique aspects that influence customer retention, understanding that there are similar factors can help firms build effective customer retention strategies. Customer retention is improved through increasing customer value.

Understanding what consumers and prospects would consider to be extra value necessitates a thorough examination: Customers who already have a 1080p television and a slow internet connection will not pay a price premium to upgrade to a 4K service since it adds no value to their lives. As happened with the streaming service Netflix (Opens a new window), introducing a price premium might result in people opting for a downgrade, or even service termination.

Providers that offer a rapid service when it is expected have an advantage over others that are slower. Consumers offered a five-day turn-round in a market that considers same- or next-day as standard will feel undervalued.

Putting up prices when a well-financed competitor launches is an open invitation to customers with limited finances to swap to the new service.


What kind of business?
Any business: from solopreneur upwards
Who is it for?
SME Company Directors
Senior Managers
Management protégés
Management KTP Associates
You are probably accountable for operations or other customer experience
Why attend?
Understand what you can do to enhance customer value in your services.
Gain insight into frameworks which help recognise and prevent bad practices.
Business benefits
Improve customer satisfaction.
Create a competitive advantage within the business resulting in increased profitability.
Topics covered
  • Introduction to Continuous Service Improvement

    Key principles and approaches for effective service improvement.

  • Identifying Service Issues

    How events, incidents and problems can drive improvements.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    How to conduct a process or incident review.

  • Developing an Improvement Plan

    Determine an overarching strategy.

  • Implementing an Improvement Plan

    The purpose of a monthly incident review meeting.

  • Reporting on Service Improvement

    The importance of relevant measuring and reporting.

There will be exercises during the day plus an overnight 'homework'.
Bordon BASE (Opens a new window), Barbados Road, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 0FX.
Fareham Innovation Centre (Opens a new window), Meteor Way, Fareham, Hampshire, PO13 9FU.
This is not a 'hybrid' event: there will be no remote attendance.
Spring 2024
Dates to be confirmed: a consecutive Tuesday & Wednesday
£1,700 for the two days
Includes refreshments and midday meal.

Students: Sponsored students, being booked a place by their college or university, may be eligible for a full 100% fee waiver.
Bursaries: Students may also be eligible for a travel and accommodation bursary from their sponsor.
Micro-Businesses: A discount of 50% is available to micro-businesses.

Dress code
Business casual.
Next Steps
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